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About Us


   Established in 2017, Stay Ephemeral is a collection of independent artists. Our dream is to support ourselves through our creative work. Artists from all around the world participate in the collaboration, ensuring that the designs feature a wide range of aesthetic tastes. Stay Ephemeral also supports curators with the help of our affiliate program. If you would like to join us, please contact us through our Facebook.

Elizabeth Indigo

Elizabeth Indigo is the founder of Stay Ephemeral.  She is from the USA and has spent the last six years traveling through different countries. Her main focus is photography of the places she visits. 

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Collections:  Indigo · Antidote · Alchemy · Oblivion


   Joshua Gorman is the cofounder of Stay Ephemeral. He is an illustrator and photographer from Western Australia. He travels around the world with Elizabeth Misner and is now in Hanoi, Vietnam. He specializes in architectural photography and cute drawings.

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Benji van Geene

Benji is a promoter from the Netherlands. He provides photography for Stay Ephemeral.

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Nick Yasa 

Nick Yasa is a second-year graphic design student from Canada who specializes in the corruption of media files (usually referred to as glitch art). Alongside his independent work Yasa is currently completing an internship as a designer for LoClasse.

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Lucian is an Argentinian artist who aims to be a comic artist and illustrator.

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    Angel Nikolov is one of the first artists of Stay Ephemeral. He's from Bulgaria working fulltime as a 3D artist, and also freelancing. He likes photography, visual effects, and anything nocturnal and aesthetic.

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Marek Farkaš is a graphic designer from the heart of Europe (Slovakia). He approaches art with a unique style reminiscent of Vaporwave and also likes photography. Currently he works as a technician for a server provider.
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Tane is a photographer from Australia who needs to stop picking up new hobbies. 3D printing and modelling, design, programming, electronics, industrial design, and cat petting are all vying for his limited daylight hours.